Hopi Ear Candles are narrow tubes made of natural ingredients such as beeswax and cotton. It's a holistic alternative to having your ears syringed. The heat that ear candling produces has a soothing and relaxing effect upon the head and ears. The burning flame produces a vibration effect on the inner ear and ear drum on encouraging the impurities, residues and toxins into the outer ear. This also encourages secretion of the frontal and Para nasal sinuses. Using chimney actions, the smoke draws the wax, toxins and impurities out of the ear and into the base of the candle.


This treatment can help with:

. Asthma

. Catarrh

. Compacted ear wax and glue ear

. Hay Fever

. Headache and migraine

. Sore throats and hay fever

. Rhinitis

. Sinusitis

. Tinnitus



Hopi ear candling is not suitable for people with grommets in the ear, have inflammation or infection present in the ears, if you have perforated ear drums, if you have had recent ear surgery, or if you have an allergic reaction at all. It is possible to use ear candling in place of syringing the ears.


The treatment takes approx 45 minutes £28.00

(Includes Sinus Facial and Scalp Massage)

It is suitable for children and adults