Four thousand year old traditional Ayurvedic system incorporates Western style Shiatsu and Acupressure techniques (Upper Back, Shoulders, Neck, Upper Arms, Scalp, Face and Ears).

 30 Mins £29.50/ 45 Mins £35.00






An advanced form of traditional Indian Head Massage which was developed by Osteopath Narendra Mehta.

This ancient Ayurvedic therapy is carried out with client seated on a chair and without the need to undress.

Massage to the upper back, neck and shoulders, arms, face and scalp promotes deep relaxation, eliminating muscle tension and restoring joint movement by stretching and mobilising the tissues, improving oxygen intake, lymph and blood circulation, loosening the subcutaneous muscle of the scalp - relieving headaches, eyestrain, improving concentration, reducing hair loss and premature grey.

Optional use of special oils to nourish hair roots and texture. Working on the energy centres of the body to rebalance and promote physical and emotional wellbeing.

Therapist Elaine Brown has been trained by Narendra Mehta           (London Centre of Indian Champissage)


Full Treatment (30 mins)  £29.50

Extended Treatment  (45 mins)  £35.00

Champissage combined with On-Site massage (45 mins) £35.00

Indian Champissage combined with On-Site massage (1 Hr) £40.00