A gentle massage which encourages removal of fluid within the soft

connective tissue, stimulation to spleen, pancreas, liver & heart,

detoxifies & promotes, lymph to flow freely, encouraging removal of

congestion & blockages to lymph vessels & nodes.


This is a powerful massage to drain and eliminate toxins & poisons from the entire system. With routine lymph drainage the body's immune system strengthens and therefore prevents illness and disease, benefits ME, IBS, fatigue, Lymph Oedema, Allergies, Arthritis, Weight Loss, Bloating, Skin Conditions, Digestive and respiratory disorders, Fluid retention and promotes healthy breast tissue.


TRIAL (45 mins)  £35.00

1/2 Body Massage (1 hr)  £40.00

Full Body Massage (1 hr 30 mins)  £54.50