This holistic safe, ancient and natural therapy induces a deep state of relaxation. Treatment consists of deep yet gentle massage to the reflex points of the feet which is a mirrored version of our organs, glands and systems. With reflexology congestion can be broken down by releasing blockages and normalising imbalances, therefore allowing the free flow of energy to be released throughout the zones of energy pathways which influence the entire body.

Benefits: Arthritis, Digestive & Respiratory Disorders, ME, Lethargy, Inability to conceive.......

TRIAL (30 mins)  £25.00

(45 mins) Treatment  £32.50

(1 Hour) Treatment  £37.50

Maternity Reflexology (30 mins) £25.00 / (45 mins) £30.00

Hot Stone Reflexology (45 mins) £32.50 /1 Hr £36.50

Luxurious Reflexology with Heated Booties (45 mins) £32.50/ (1 Hr) £36.50

Reflexology with Thai Foot Massage (50 mins) £34.00 / (1 Hr) £36.50



Combination of Chinese philosophy, traditional theory and acupressure. Working on energy Chi points and meridians to the feet enhances a balanced state of existence to enhance healing to body, mind and spirit. Treatment is very gentle and deeply relaxing.

Treatment (30 mins) £23.00



A powerful gentle holistic foot technique which consists of balancing the endocrine system, releasing subtle energies to create health and well-being which accelerates the body to heal and restore balance on all levels, e.g HBP, thyroid, blood sugar levels, PMT, menopause, also supports IVF....

Endocrine & Energy Balance with Clinical Reflexology (30 mins) £27.00



Reflexology is an ancient natural and safe therapy which is a gentle massage to the reflex points of the feet, releasing subtle energies to create health and well-being and to promote balance and harmony to the expectant client and baby. Elaine was trained by Suzanne Enzer.

Treatment (45 mins) £30.00/ Combined with Massage (1 Hr) £42.00

Maternity Massage (30 mins) £30.00 / 45 mins £35.00 / 1 Hr £41.50



Tibetan Reflexology originates from the 17th century and is also believed to be the most advanced method of Reflexology. This treatment is still being used by Tibetan monks up to this day. It is a complete, scientific, workable system of controls which releases the energy of the unlimited healing power within us. It uses vibrational healing through the neuroelectrical pathways (nerve pathways and meridians). Under active areas are stimulated and over active are calmed, to create a balance, releasing tensions, congestions and maladjustments, improving circulation and creates a deep state of relaxation thus allowing the body, mind and spirit to heal at an extremely deep level.

 (30 mins)  £29.00

With Warm Oil and Heated Booties (50 mins)  £34.00



A 2000 year old system combined Acupressure, Reflexology with Chinese Massage. 

(30 mins) £29.00

(50 mins) £34.00 



A powerful de-tox foot spa which rebalances your body's energy. effectively rebalancing the cells equilibrium of positive and negative ions which starts the dispersal of unwanted toxins. This ensures rehydration and optimum efficiency of the cells function to absorb nutrients and dispose of unwanted wastes. Stimulating circulation & lymphatic drainage. The results will be renewed energy levels, both physical and mental with a wonderful feeling of well-being. After treatment toxins that have been drawn out of the lymphatic system and organs e.g liver, kidneys, lungs etc, can be clearly seen in the water solution.

Treatment (40 mins) £29.50/ Inc Thai Foot Reflexology (1 Hr) £38.00

Including Foot Massage (1 hr)  £38.00/  (1 Hr 15 mins)  £43.00

Including Reflexology (1 hr) £38.00/  (1 Hr 15 mins)  £43.00

(Choose from Chi, Clinical or Tibetan)