(With Elaine) 

Treatment is for relief of chronic pain and sport injuries. Treatment promotes balance to the musculoskeletal system, by using skilled, manual therapeutic application of soft tissue techniques combined with mobilisations. This massage aims to reduce muscle spasms, rebuild strength to injured tissues, relieve pain, increase the range of motion and restore balance.

Benefits: - Frozen Shoulder, Repetitive Strain Injuries, Ligament Strains, Sciatica ... Sports massage aims to enhance performance to the athlete, speeding recovery after injury to prepare for competition.

Elaine's training involved doing advanced workshops in Medical/ Orthopedic Massage with one of the worlds most famous sports therapists James Waslaski USA (Masseur to the New York Yankees). Elaine also did masterclasses with the famous Sports therapist and author Mel Cash UK.

(Elaine has over 20 years experience in Sports Massage)


Treatment (30 mins)  £30.00

Treatment (40 mins)  £35.00

Treatment (50 mins) £40.00

Treatment (1 hr)  £45.00