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A Million Thanks!

A million thanks for the massage today. I didn't even know what treatment I wanted, but Elaine carried it out and more. It was just what I needed, I fell asleep. Elaine is great at her job and very knowledgeable. Can't wait to go back again!

Angela McDonald - Visited 18/07/ 2019 


Gorgeous Facial!

I booked a paraffin wax Facial which was gorgeous with a beautiful organic Rose Facial with Back Spa Treatment. It as so tranquil and I fell asleep. My face was glowing for days. I would highly recommend Elaine.

Theresa Moore - Visited May 2018


Best Holistic Therapist

I had a beautiful Full Body Hot Stone Massage from Elaine with Clinical Reflexology. I can honestly say she is the best Holistic Therapist that I have found by far.

Sara Smith - Visited April 2018


Holistic Package, Lovely

This package includes a few items, and there's a good selection to pick from. I chose the glass rod trigger therapy (Elaine highly recommended it), the Japanese facial massage and healing. All were great! I didn't really know what the glass rod trigger therapy was but now I would highly recommend! It works on the spine and relaxes you instantly. The Japanese facial massage was lovely, nice scented oil was used to carry out very soothing, sweeping movements. And I always enjoy Healing, my energy flow feels amazing now after all these treatments.

Amanda Kneller - Visited 12/10/2017

Looking forward to my next visit!!

Absolutely fabulous! So relaxing - Elaine is very talented. Been a customer for years and would HIGHLY recommend any of her treatments.

Jennifer Gallacher - Visited 30/08/2017


I am booking to go back

I really enjoyed the treatment I received. I was very relaxed and can't wait to go back for some more pampering.

Lora-Denise Johnstone - Visited 03/08/2017


Hot Stone Healing Package

Amazing as always. Hot stone back, neck & shoulder massage, followed by rose facial then Healing. Sorry for snoring, Elaine lol!!!

Kelly Hall - Visited 13/12/2016


Lovely treatments

I had the de-stress package and it was a lovely experience. It included a rose facial, reflexology and healing, other options were also available. Very relaxing and highly recommended.

Amanda Kneller - Visited 10/11/2016


Lovely Relaxing Treatments

Had Ayuverdic Facial which was different from anything I have had before and skin did look better afterwards. Reflexology was very good, too, first time for this, and would definitely try again.

Pamela Sunstream - Visited 04/08/2016



The experience was very good. Have booked another treatment.

Isobel Jeffrey - Visited 26/06/2016


 Great Treatment

Great treatment, I didn't necessarily know what was going on, slept through most of it!! Relaxing! Elaine was lovely!

Catriona Fordyce - Visited 03/03/2016



Excellent experience, fantastic value.

Julie Beattie - Visited 20/02/2016


First Massage, definitely going back!!

I went here for my first massage just a little treat for myself, and safe to say I was not disappointed! Elaine was lovely and friendly and made me feel very comfortable! I received a Hot Stone Massage, Facial and healing. The massage and Facial were so relaxing I found myself almost falling asleep to the peaceful music. When it for to the healing I wasn't sure what to expect as it was a no contact treatment but I have recently been suffering from really bad shin splints after the treatment I felt like a new person. My shin splints were totally gone and I was out of pain. Overall best first experience and I will definitely be going back!

Gemma Wilson - Visited 16/02/2016


Warm and friendly welcoming

I had booked the healing package which consists of Hot Stone Massage, facial, Head Massage and Healing. I have never been more relaxed in my life. The massage was very therapeutic and she was really gentle on me. With the healing there is an option of angels coming through. I was a bit sceptical of this but thought I would give it a try. I could a tickling sensation around my legs during this and when she was finished she asked me if I had problems with my legs (I suffer from Achilles tendentious) as the angels were focussing around that area. When I said to Elaine that I do have problems with my legs she was very helpful by highlighting different 3 options on her price list that would benefit me. I will definitely be back to try one of these options.

Laura Newlands - Visited 13/10/2015



Wonderful relaxing treatment.

Karen Hamilton - Visited 31/07/2015



Had a Hot Stone massage and Chocolate Facial with Elaine. It was amazing. Elaine was lovely and I left feeling totally relaxed. Would definitely recommend her and will be back.

Lorna McAdam - Visited 29/07/2015



Fantastic, as always!!!

Kelly Hall - Visited 20/05/2015



This deal was amazing & I can not recommend Elaine enough, she has the magic touch & felt like a new person after my treatment. She was also very friendly, welcoming & full of good advice. I can not wait to go again next month.

Jenna Sinclair - Visited 26/03/2015



Found it very relaxing from start to finish. Would definitely go back and would definitely recommend.

Marie Clark - Visited 19/03/2015


Relaxation At It's Best

The massage was one of the best I've ever had. I felt relaxed and at ease with Elaine who has magical hands and knows her business. You will be in capable hands if you decide to try one of these offers.

Deborah Gosling - Visited 07/02/2015