With this treatment you will receive a beautiful healing

experience with the angels coming through to balance

your body, mind and spirit to release blockages and

working on your energy field (aura) to cleanse and

purify - enjoy an inner sense of peacefulness and

tranquillity, feel refreshed and energised.




An extremely powerful yet gentle and natural therapy

of hands on healing. Healing energy is used to detoxify

the body's cells, releasing blockages and trapped energy.

Balance chakras, meridians, organs and glands.

Rebalances and heals the spirit on all levels.

Benefits - Aches and pains,  Strokes, MS, ME, Insomnia,

Fatigue, Migraines, Viral infections ........


Trial - Angel Healing (30 mins)   £29.00

Trial - Angel Healing (45 mins)   £34.50

              Angel Healing (1 Hour)     £38.00

 Healing With Reflexology (1 Hr) £38.00