Treatment is for relief of chronic pain and sport injuries. Treatment promotes balance to the musculoskeletal system, by using skilled, manual therapeutic application of soft tissue technique combined with mobilisations. This massage aims to reduce muscle spasms, rebuild strength to injured tissues, relieve pain, increase the range of motion and restore balance. Benefits:- Frozen Shoulder, Repetitive Strain Injuries, Ligament Strains, Sciatica ...Sports massage aims to enhance performance to the athlete, speeding recovery after injury to prepare for competition.

Treatment (30 mins)  £30.00

Treatment (40 mins) £35.00

Treatment (50 mins) £40.00

Treatment (1 hr)  £45.00




Massage takes place on a specially designed chair which provides anatomically correct support for the client. Treatment is a form of Japanese style AMMA - which dates back 3000 years. Seated acupressure massage stimulates pressure points to the neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands & scalp combined with massage to release toxins, accumulated muscle tension, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, improve oxygen intake, encouraging a greater sense of well-being, renewal and relaxation.

Full Treatment (30 mins) £28.50




Arms are used to massage with rocking and rhythmical tai chi techniques, float into a deep state of tranquillity. Once you have experienced this unusual beautiful massage you will come back time and time again.

Back, Neck, Shoulders, Legs & Arms (30 mins) £30.00 / (45 mins) £35.00




Therapist uses the arms only to lengthen and stretch out the muscles focusing on deep tissue massage stroke techniques to lengthen shortened muscles, treatment includes stretches. This treatment is an alternative to Sports Remedial Massage.

Treatment (30 mins)      £30.0

Treatment (45 mins)    £35.00 

Treatment (1 hour)    £42.50 




This unique holistic face treatment relaxes, releases tension, tones and rejuvenates the facial muscles, stimulating lymphatic and blood circulation, increasing oxygen intake to congested tissues, releasing toxins and breaking down nodules which accumulate at nerve endings from zones of the face corresponding to our bodies systems, releasing blockages throughout the body. Essential oils are prescribed for each client. Choose 2 or 3 facials of your choice.

Face massage treatments are combined with your choice of either Aromatherapy Scalp, Neck & Shoulders Massage/ Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage/ Neck, Shoulders, Hands & Arms Massage.


 Facials & Massage (45 mins)  £30.00

 Facials & Massage (1 hr)  £36.50




This tranquil powerful treatment involves dropping specific oils directly onto the spine. The oils are massaged into the spine using light stroke techniques which stimulates the electrical energies and balancing energy impulses, by dispersing the oils along the nervous system we are working on the entire body. In this way the body can be brought into balance, the energy centres (chakras) can be cleared and re-aligned - also benefits to reduce spinal inflammation and kills viruses that hibernate along the spinal column and can help to straighten any spinal curvatures. Specific massage techniques are used to loosen the muscles which helps to straighten the spine. Treatment benefit's the immune system and strengthens the vital organs and centres of the body - highly recommended for paralysis, strokes, MS, disorders of the spine, chronic fatigue, ME ...

(Organic oils to the value of £20.00 are applied in every full session)

Treatment (1 hour) £49.50




Techniques are used to release built up tension, breaking adhesions, old scar tissue and lengthen shortened muscles. By reducing chronic muscle tension & freeing fatigued tissue releases trapped energy. Treatment will leave client feeling invigorated as tense muscles relax.

Treatment (30 mins)  £30.00

Treatment (40 mins)  £35.00

Treatment (50 mins) £40.00

Treatment (1 hour)  £45.00 




Originates from the true roots of Aromatherapy as developed through a multi-cultural society evolving from techniques used throughout Asia, Himalayas and Slavic regions. Many of the people were great horsemen. Techniques grew from the care of both horse and rider through massage with warm oil creates a hypnotic effect which is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing massages to be experienced.

TRIAL (30 mins) £30.00

Half Treatment (45 mins) £35.00

Full Treatment (1 hr) £41.50




An advanced form of traditional Indian head massage which was developed by Osteopath Narendra Mehta. This ancient Ayurvedic therapy is carried out with client seated on a chair and without the need to undress. Massage to the upper back, neck and shoulders, arms, face and scalp promotes deep relaxation, eliminating muscle tension and restoring joint movement by stretching and mobilising the tissues, improving oxygen intake, lymph and blood circulation, loosening the subcutaneous muscles of the scalp - relieving headaches, eyestrain, improving concentration, reducing hair loss and premature grey. Optional use of special oils to nourish hair roots and texture. Working on the energy centres of the body to rebalance and promote physical and emotional wellbeing. Elaine Brown has been trained by Narendra Mehta (London Centre of Indian Champissage).

Full Treatment (30 mins) £29.50

Extended Treatment (45 mins) £35.00




Re-aligns the body to its natural state. The original Sun Ancon Chi Machine, the only one to have been the subject of extensive clinical trials and medical research. *Stimulates circulation and lymph drainage. *Gently oxygenates the whole body. *Firms hips, thighs and abdomen. *Re-activates the inactive. *Relieves joint and muscular pain. *Promotes sound restful sleep. *Supports weight loss. *Restores a zest for living. *Improves mental clarity and increases energy levels.

"Lie down and do nothing, this amazing little machine does it for you"

 5-10 Mins £7.50 / 11-15 Mins £10.00




Is an advanced form of the raindrop therapy which is a powerful and safe treatment which can assist in relaxing the entire central nervous system. By stimulating part of the brain locus - ceruleus, this part is responsible for physiological (physical) response to stress and panic by working with a glass rod and essential oils on the spine, similar to acupressure this calms the response and aids healing. When the sympathetic and parasympathetic system is overloaded or stimulated by stress our body becomes acidic, indications are cold hands and feet, clammy in certain areas then through time the body becomes out of balance and this can cause ill health and disease.

Trigger therapy is recommended for chronic pain, depression, thyroid disorders, reduced bone density (osteoporosis, blood sugar imbalances, inability to conceive, high blood pressure, PMT, reduced muscle tissue, lowered immunity, insomnia, ADHD, panic - anxiety disorders, post traumatic stress disorders. Glass rod trigger therapy treatment is highly recommended before any treatment, but it can be used separately.


With Raindrop techniques massage (30 mins) £29.00