This treatment includes double cleanse/ tone/ exfoliation with a choice of masks that is suitable for your skin type (with face massage, neck, scalp, hand & arm massage).

Choice of Rose, Lavender, Myrhh, Frankincense, Collegen, Vitamin E, Seaweed, Clay Mud or Eve Taylor products

30 mins £18.50 

45 mins £26.00

1 hr £32.00



This treatment consists of pressure point massage to the reflex zones of the face corresponding to our body's organs, glands and systems, releasing the build up of toxins and congestions which accumulate at the end of the nerve endings promoting the free flow of energy to be released throughout the body. Face Reflexology improves muscle tone and elasticity, rejuvenates the tissue by releasing tension of the facial muscles and improves the skin by increasing the oxygen intake. This is a powerful treatment for detoxification.

Trial (20 mins) £17.50

Face Reflexology (30 mins) £22.50

Face Reflexology with Scalp Massage (45 mins) £27.50

Face Reflexology with Scalp, Neck & Shoulders Massage (45 mins) £29.00

Face Reflexology with Scalp, Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage (1 hr) £39.50


Aromatherapy therapeutic massage is used with pressure point massage and lymphatic drainage techniques to improve the skin, blood and lymphatic system and encourages renewal to cells for regeneration. Essential oils are individually tailored to your skin type and to the client's consultation, therefore relaxing and soothing the mind, nervous system and promoting healing to body, mind and spirit. Treatment consists of hot compresses and includes optional scalp massage.

TRIAL (20 mins) £17.50

Full Facial Including Scalp (30 mins) £22.50

Facial, Scalp, Neck & Shoulders Massage (45 mins) £29.00

Facial, Neck, Shoulders, Hands & Arms (1 hr) £34.50

Facial, Back, Neck & Shoulders (1 hr) £39.50



This is a beauiful non surgical face lift massage without the use of oils. This massage slows down the ageing process. It improves your complexion by stimulating blood circulation, toning and rejuvenating your skin and muscles. Techniques are used to iron out, reducing lines, wrinkles and double chins. Boost energy by stregthening immunityand melting tensions, feel and see the difference after one treatment.

TRIAL (20 mins) £17.50

Full Facial (30 mins)£22.50

Full Facial Including Scalp (45 mins) £27.50

Facial, Scalp, Back, Neck & Shoulders (1 hr) £39.50



The Japanese concept of health defines beauty as an optimal, balanced state of psychological, physical and spiritual health (the face is an indicator of this). Japanese facial massage specifically works to achieve this. Working on tsubos which are acupressure points which are located on the energy pathways called meridians (14 in total, 8 are on the face). Stimulating these tsubos we can improve the condition of the skin, diminishing wrinkles and lines, improving muscle tone, activating facial nerves increases the flow of ki to the face. Working on the meridians influence's the organs, glands and functions. Treatment benefits mind, body and spirit.

TRIAL (20 mins) £17.50

Mini Facial (30 mins) £22.50

Full Facial Including Scalp (45 mins) £27.50

Facial,  Scalp,  Neck & Shoulders Massage (45 mins) £29.00

Facial, Scalp, Back, Neck & Shoulders (1 hr ) £39.50



This face massage is gentle and relaxing but very special because with MLD techniques applied the face is drained of impurities and excess fluid. Treatment benefits dark circles, problem skin, sinus congestion and also highly recommended for puffiness around the eyes e.g bags. Client should notice a difference after one treatment. By stimulating blood flow and improving lymph the face will be left and improving lymph the face will be left glowing with a youthful appearance.

TRIAL (20 mins) £17.50

Treatment (30 mins) £22.50

Treatment Including Abdomen De-tox Massage (45 mins) £30.00




Natural Lift Facial Massage helps to reduce expression lines and wrinkles, tones & tightens the skin and underlying muscles, stimulates rejuvenation and cellular activity and maintains a fresh, youthful appearance. It also relieves stress symptoms such as insomnia, heachaches and eye strain.

30 mins £20.00